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How To Link College Studies To Actual JOBS – Avoiding Unemployment After Graduation

One of the biggest challenges facing many college and university students today is not necessarily the substantial work of higher education itself – but the fear of what comes after graduation! This is especially worrisome in a current economic climate […]

College Tuition Sticker Shock Twin Cities MN

Comparison Shopping: A Look At REAL College Costs vs. “Sticker Shock…” How Much Will You Actually Pay

As another school year begins, it is a good time to focus on the realities of the costs surrounding a college future for your high school student. There are so many different elements that go into the overall costs of […]

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Financial and Asset Management: Will it Help or Hurt YOUR College-Bound Child?

Parents of college-bound high school students are often a little bit baffled or frustrated when they think about managing the expenses for their child’s future academic endeavors… and we understand that the subject can be a challenging one no matter […]

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The Five Best Reasons For Starting EARLY With College Preparation… Both Financial And Otherwise

The new year is now in full swing, and since we are in the early stages of 2015 we thought it would be an ideal time to focus a newsletter on one of our favorite (and often, sadly, ignored) topics… […]

College Funding Grants Assistance Planning Minnesota

Three Top Application and Financial Strategies For Convincing Colleges to Grant YOUR Student More Money!

As the year comes to a close and the holidays approach, we are reminded of the importance of family and the inherent value that parents place on securing the successful futures of their children. It is one of the most […]


Top Strategies To Inspire Enthusiasm For Academics In College-Bound High School Students

Help Minnesota High School Students Stay Focused on College

As the new academic year gets underway, there is usually no shortage of excitement in the first few weeks (or even months)… the question often becomes, how can we maintain this level of interest over the course of a semester? Or, dare we suggest it, over the course of an entire school year? Read more »

Seeking The Similarities Between High School And College: Preparing Organizationally For The Next Level

Planning for College in Minnesota

Well… that summer season seemed to pass pretty quickly – at least for us. Now we head into a new school year and all of the challenges that belong to it, including the knowledge that each college-bound student is yet another year closer to his or her graduation, and moving on to the next level in higher education! It really does seem to pass faster and faster with each academic year, doesn’t it?

There is so much talk – and yes, we do it as well – about the enormous differences between high school and college, and there is certainly a lot of important truth to be found within that idea. Read more »

Tips For Maintaining Motivation Throughout The High School Years To Prepare For College Success


As we are now well into the summer months, it is our hope that this vacation time of year is providing you and your family with a chance to rejuvenate, relax, and enjoy some nice weather and maybe some time away. With students in most parts of the country out of school during August, we also thought that it would be a fine time to discuss an important element of the high school experience for any student who is serious about wanting to attend a competitive college or university in the future.

Yes, we are talking about the topic of “motivation…” but not from the vantage point of motivational speakers or anything like that! Read more »

Understanding Three Major Differences Between High School And College


Understanding Three Major Differences Between High School And College… Will YOUR Child Be Ready To Make The Leap?

Preparing kids for college in this day and age can be a challenge – even more so than in times past. There seem to be a lot more distractions from academic pursuits these days than there used to be, and as we have pointed out numerous times in our newsletters, more and more students are requiring extra time (and substantially increased expenses) to graduate. In fact, you are probably already aware that a significant number of the students who start college will never end up graduating at all. Read more »

Optimizing Extracurricular Activities… What REALLY Increases Admissions Chances?

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Optimizing Extracurricular Activities For Your College-Bound Student: What REALLY Increases Admissions Chances?

As the school year winds to an end in most parts of the country, we find ourselves marveling once again at how quickly the time passes for our college-bound high school students. It seems like just yesterday that the school year was beginning, and yet another quarter of the high school experience has already flown past. We hope that the past academic year was one of success and growth for your student, and for your family as a whole, as well. Read more »

Targeted Strategies For Major Selection…

How to save time money for college Twin Cities MN

“Targeted Strategies For Major Selection That Will Save Your College-Bound Student Time AND Money”

There is nothing like the thrill of a student finishing high school and accomplishing his or her goal of beginning higher education at a great college or university program. It is the end of one stage of life and learning, and the beginning of another, with the promise of a bright future on the horizon. Read more »