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About Minnesota College Funding Strategies

Minnesota College Funding Strategies (MCFS) provides parents and students advice and plans to ensure maximum amount of financial aid. We want the students to receive the best opportunity to graduate in four years without getting their parents or themselves stuck in a financial disaster.

Paying the College bill can have the same impact as buying groceries. You can pay full retail or pay wholesale. The choice is yours. You should know how to have your student prepared to graduate in 4 years versus the average of 5.6 years. We have the expertise to get you maximum financial aid. Using every tax planning strategy available to keep your cost down will mean less stress and a successful college career.

We understand that the financial aid process for college can be very overwhelming and complicated. We will inform you about all the funding options that are available as well as guide you through all the college years.

We want you to have the tools needed to have a successful college career. Contact us today to receive information about your available college planning options

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